A photographic discussion around female masturbation

 Studies have proved time and again that one vital ingredient for a happy life for both sexes is masturbation. It increases self-awareness and knowledge of our own sexuality while helping us relax.
Yet, despite all these positive messages female masturbation often remains a taboo subject and for many women still has negative and/or “dirty” connotations, frequently remnants of our upbringing. In many couples the only time the woman will masturbate (if ever) is when putting on a show to arouse and entertain her partner. Some members of both sexes even consider her masturbating in private to be some sort of signal of discontent with his sexual prowess or even infidelity.

“Passion Solitaire” aims to add another voice to those discrediting those attitudes: This is not a book aimed at titillating men. It aims to promote discussion through its images about the place masturbation should hold in the life of the modern woman. A time of peace, a time to relax, a time to reconnect with herself & her own sexuality, and most of all a time for fun.

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